African Asylum seekers who were stranded in Libya in an effort to reach Europe will be sent to Rwanda

The UN estimates that thousands of Asylum seekers remain in Libyan detention centres. [Photo: AP]
130 asylum seekers from Libya are expected to be received this week in Rwanda as apart of the government’s effort to temporarily host Africans who were stranded in the North African country in their attempt to reach Europe.

This group will be the fifth one to reach Rwanda since 2019 when the evacuating process began according to the Ministry of Emergency Management (MINEMA).

The move to transfer asylum seekers to Rwanda falls under the commitment by the Rwandan government to host refugees stuck in Libya in their desperate attempt to reach Europe for a better life.

A majority of the asylum seekers evacuated to Rwanda since the start of the process have been relocated to Europe according to MINEMA.

Thus far, the MINEMA reports 131 were resettled in Sweden, 23 in Canada, 46 in Norway, and 5 in France.

The latest arrivals are expected at Kigali International Airport at around 9 pm, where they will be taken to La Palisse Hotel Nyamata and tested for Covid-19 before the process to relocate them begins.

Asylum seekers evacuated from Libya to Rwanda

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