Australian think tank Lowy Institute has placed Rwanda in sixth place in managing the Covid-19 pandemic and for making its information about the pandemic publicly accessible.

The institute ranked 98 countries in total, providing each country’s average performance in managing the pandemic within 36 weeks after confirming their 100th coronavirus infection.

Uganda ranked 30th globally while Kenya emerged 48th.

Tanzania and Burundi, alongside China, were among countries not ranked due to lack of daily updates and general information concerning the spread and management of the pandemic.

Criteria used in the ranking looked at fewer reported infection cases and deaths, both in aggregate and per capita terms, which point towards a better government response to the virus.

Rwanda has increased its testing capacity, with over 4,000 daily tests and up to 853,238 in total by Wednesday.

Up to 14,166 people tested positive for the coronavirus since the pandemic broke out in the country in March last year.

Out of those, some 9,042 have recovered, translating to a recovery rate of 64 percent.

More than 50 percent of the deceased succumbed to the virus in less than two months between November last year and January 2021.

The country has recorded up to 183 deaths, which is 1.3 percent of the people infected.

Rwanda had appeared to successfully control the pandemic towards the end of 2020 and had opened several sectors of its economy under a relaxed curfew that allowed movements between 5am to 1 pm.

However, following a second wave of the virus, the Rwandan government has for the last two weeks placed Kigali under a total.

Last week, the Ministry of Health shipped in 18,000 doses of Favipiravir antivirus drug to be administered to coronavirus patients with severe symptoms.

The country has continued to grapple with resources and facilities to treat the infected as the pandemic rages in a deadly second wave, with many patients asked to isolate and self-treat in their homes.

At least one death due to Covid-19 has been registered daily since mid-December last year.

The Rwanda Biomedical Centre ordered one million vaccine doses that it expects to arrive by the end of February, from the Covax facility by the World Health Organization that aims to guarantee fair and equitable access to the coronavirus vaccine for each country.

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