Jan 02, Colombo: A team of six scientists from Rwanda has arrived in Sri Lanka at a request made by President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa to the President of Rwanda to conduct investigations into the Fall Army Worm caterpillars that are spreading among the crops including maize and make necessary recommendations to control the infestation.

The group, arrived in Anuradhapura yesterday (01) met with the farmers and discussed how to resolve the crisis.

The President has invited the delegation to Sri Lanka at the request of the Chancellor of the Rajarata University and the Chief Incumbent of the Mirisawetiya Temple, Ven. Ethalwetunuwewe Gnanatilake Thero.

The group of six, including the country’s Brigadier General Fred Musiraguhara, local agricultural experts Alexis Rusagara and Jane Marie Viani Usumugura were warmly received at the Mirisawetiya Temple.

The farmers told the research team that all the pesticides used so far had been able to control the caterpillar for only about a week and that even three applications of the pesticides had not worked.


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