President Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un stopped bragging about their respective nuclear buttons and crashed the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang — but, alas, it was all fake news.

American musician Dennis Alan, 67, played the part of Trump, donning a signature long tie and a red “USA” cap, while the Kim doppelganger — Aussie musician Howard — sported a traditional black coat.

“When we arrived at the station, we were treated like rock stars,” the faux Kim told Agence France-Presse. “Some people were fooled, but most people can see the lighter side.”

He said the two men decided to appear together “to show the world this is what peace could look like when two leaders get along.”

“We get along personally, so I believe that Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un, if they talked, they’d probably get along. Because in my opinion, they’re pretty much the same person,” he said, according to The Hill.

“And Dennis Rodman has confirmed this and he’s met both of them personally,” he added, referring to the former NBA star who has met with Kim several times.

“So let’s start talking and stop with all the missiles and everything else,” he said. “We want peace, everybody wants peace, nobody wants war.”

The ersatz Kim, who is based in Hong Kong, also expressed hope that “the real Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un could also get on and not start World War III.”

But their appearance was short-lived and both were kicked out of the stadium after posing for selfies and causing a commotion.

The real leaders’ relationship has been far less sanguine — with Trump referring to his counterpart in the hermit kingdom as “Little Rocket Man,” while Kim has called Trump a “dotard” and a “lunatic old man.”

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