TOUGH TIMES: Chagga, real name Geoffrey Kyagambidwa, has been the Goodlyfe manager since 2015. However since the death of Mowzey Radio last month, things do not seem to be all smooth at the Goodlyfe Studios. We find out warrap.

How has it been since Radio’s death?
We are picking ourselves up. It would have been better, but I have one problem called Bryan White.

What has Bryan White done?
Don’t you see how he has killed my artiste? Weasel is the only artiste I am left with under my management but I can no longer access him because Bryan White lies to him that he will give him money, then he disrespects him. Every time I talk to weasel, he is saying ‘Bryan White is going to buy me this and that, which he never does. He escorts him as he dishes out money to the entire world but he is not giving Weasel any of that money. He is feeding him on false hope. He has banned him from making any show bookings. Many people call asking for Weasel to perform at their shows to see how he will hold up without Radio but Bryan White tells him to refund all the money before he leaves.

Why do you think Weasel is doing this?
Weasel has low self-esteem and does not know his worth. Right now if he goes to perform at any show, Bryan White tags along. Recently I convinced Weasel to perform at a show and Bryan White, after seeing Weasel doing well on stage, came and began throwing money at the audience, so all the attention shifted to him.

How come this has not been reported in the media?
Which journalists can I talk to when Bryan White is paying all of them off? I might speak to one and they instead write a bad story about me because I have no money to give them. But that man has become a huge problem to me. This entire year should have been Weasel’s because we already have that sympathy vote. We had so many songs we were working on but I do not see Weasel anymore.

Many people have done tribute songs for Radio but they have not done well. Weasel, who was the most affected by Radio’s death had not completed his tribute song. I had paid for the video, even studio but he was nowhere to be seen because of Bryan White. I do not know how I am going to escape that man.

Is Tokyayitaba the tribute song you are talking about?

We are going to release many tribute songs but yes, it is Tayitaba. The first version, Tokyayitaba was just stolen from studio and released before it was ready. I just heard after it was being widely shared on social media, which is why we rushed to make a final one. You will see that in one version I am the only one doing backups, in another there is a girl doing back up while another one has Micheal Ouma playing the guitar.

We have seen pictures of Weasel at a video shoot for Tokyayitaba. Is it you that financed this video?
Yes, the video was financed by Goodlyfe. There is no one else involved. Not even the so called Bryan White Foundation. It is me Chagga Yaga Yo.

Why are you so mad at Bryan White?
I have been mad at him for a long time but Weasel makes it hard for me to stay mad. Even Radio’s family is backing him because he gives them some money.

You recently posted on Facebook saying Goodlyfe was cutting off connections with Bryan White but later we saw him free styling with Weasel. What happened?
Huh! That post caused me so much trouble. Radio’s family nearly killed me, which is why I woke up early the next morning and edited it. They questioned how I could talk about someone who has helped them. So I let them be.

Did Weasel know about that post before you posted it?
I am Weasel’s manager. I do not have to tell or consult him on all the things I do. I do them as a manager with my team. Just that Weasel is a reserved person, but he too, was not happy with White. But he kept quiet.

Didn’t Weasel think about how this could impact his brand and reputation?
He does not. Bryan White promised him so many things, but I have not seen him deliver on most of those promises. I do not know if he is lying to him. Their friendship does not hurt me but Weasel’s brand is being ruined. Even if you tell him to stop moving with White, the next thing you will hear is that they are together at Auto Spa Munyonyo.

What do you think Bryan White wants from Weasel?
They are friends. I work with Weasel, not as a friend but a manager. White is his friend. Even when he disrespected and insulted Weasel, they worked it out as friends.

Were you friends with Radio?
Yes. If someone found us quarreling with Radio, they would think we would never speak again, but later you would find us sitting in a car talking. With Weasel, I am mostly a manager, so there is not much I can do since he considers Bryan White his friend. I have decided to just fight and see that I do my job. For now, I have ensured that we shoot the video for Tayitaba. We have many more songs and videos to do, we have a collabo with Spice Diana and many more coming up.

But will you do them if Weasel is spending all his time with Bryan White?
Well, you cannot separate somebody from their friend. May be when they finally get mad at each other they will go separate ways but for now, there is not much I can do. I have no right to separate them. If I try, they might choose to eliminate me instead.

When did Bryan White and Weasel become friends?
I cannot talk about that because it is between them. But Bryan White tells stories about Radio and Weasel from way back, which shows that he has known them for a very long time. Do you know that Bryan White once gave Radio and Weasel Shs2m when they were just starting out as Goodlyfe? At the time, I was even still in America.

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