P-Square Make A Triumphant Return With Single ‘Jaiye (Ihe Geme)’

The Nigerian sibling duo is back with a 100-city reunion tour, five years after their very public breakup.

Maybe we are allowed nice things?

Nigerian award-winning, multi-platinum selling sibling duo P-Square have made their return — and the response from fans show that they were dearly missed. Considered one of the biggest pop duos to croon their way across the continent, siblings Peter and Paul Okoye are back with single “Jaiye (Ihe Geme)” after their very public (and awkward) break-up, five years ago.

The five-year group hiatus didn’t see the two completely fall off of the grid, though. The brothers launched successful solo careers over the few years, however, they seem to have come to an understanding of the power in numbers. The reunion doesn’t come as a complete surprise, though, as the pair announced upcoming music earlier this year.

The new single “Jaiye (Ihe Geme)” was written, composed, and produced by the duo, and features the classic P-Square sound that the world fell in love with. In what can be seen as a masterclass from the legends themselves, “Jaiye (Ihe Geme)” is a masterful blend of the group’s trademark pop and dance sounds, infused with the delectable texture that amapiano bestows on anything it touches. Their typically catchy, sing-along style of writing ensures that the lyrics are absorbed as easily as the addictive baselines. The single also features a love-themed B-side titled, “Fine Somebody,” because they are not playing around.

On their exciting rebirth, P-Square says, “The decision to release two singles at the same time came from the need to make it up to our fans after our sojourn as individual artists, and to show our creative growth. ‘Jaiye (Ihe Geme)’ is a catchy upbeat track we believe is the perfect vibe for the summer, while ‘Find Somebody’ delivers that unmistakable P-Square vibe with a twist. We can’t wait to share more from our album in the coming months”.

The duo ALSO announced their 100-city reunion tour — potentially the biggest world tour of 2022. The musical voyage will see the twins headline shows across North America, Europe, the UK, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa, with key tour dates at the renowned Kings Theatre in New York City on September 2, GSH Event Center in Houston on September 4, the prestigious Royal Albert Hall in London on September 21, and the Madinat Jumeirah Arena in Dubai on December 10.

Crowned as the ‘Artist of the Decade’ by MTV Base Africa in 2015, fans of P-Square were shook when the duo first announced their split, two years later. The pair fought rather publicly and again reminded us that no one can hurt you more than your own blood.** this might be a bit hectic lmao let me know The breakup was so hectic that it forced politicians, religious leaders, and other celebrities to try to step in. The two have chopped the feud down to family issues, with Paul saying, “P-Square was just the sacrifice. I kept silent. I never said anything, because I knew what the problems were. It was a family issue, and it turned out that Psquare had to pay for it. It had nothing to do with music. And because I respect family so much, I owe nobody any explanation.”

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