Senate Report Recommends Health Officials To Bridge Gaps In Health Care Services

A Senate report has pointed out areas which continue to deter the improvement of Rwanda’s health care services despite as Rwanda Seeks to digitize Community based health care program (CHP).

The report, on the state of health services released this July 13, 2022 showed that there are still many gaps in the availability of medication, unnecessary delays in time spent by patients to get treatment and lack of specialized care despite the increase in infrastructure and outreach of health workers.

The scope of the report covers inquiries made with the Ministry of Health, Rwanda Social Security Board (RSSB) and field visits conducted in 15 public hospitals and two private ones.

Senator Adrie Muhire who presented the findings said that Rwanda is obliged to implement seven international health delivery standards- which have been adopted in the National Strategy for Transformation (NST1) 2017 –2024 targets.

These standards include: effectiveness, care that is safe, patient based service, and timely service delivery, equal healthcare, monitoring and evaluation, and good and affordable healthcare services.

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